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How a Bird and a Virus Remind Us of the Value of Science. How a rare bird and the coronavirus remind us that our safety depends on science

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Darwin’s ‘Descent of Man’ is Both Deeply Disturbing and More Relevant Than Ever. Viewpoint: Darwin’s ‘Descent of Man’ is both deeply disturbing and more relevant than ever

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Fighting Climate Change with Gene Editing. Can we slash cows' methane production?

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What is or isn't Natural? Explaining the debate over GMOS and what is or isn't natural through the genetics of chickens

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Languages and Genetics. How languages and genetics explain our origins and evolution

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Spider Genetics. What spider genetics can tell us about evolutionary relationships and cut-throat competition

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Genetics and Race. How do we have this awkward conversation

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Germs, Genes and Inequality. How germs and ancient migrations help explain our world of ‘haves’ and ‘have nots’

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A History of Bull. Learning about modern genetics through the long-extinct aurochs

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An Evolutionary Itch. What martyred Thomas Becket and his holy lice can teach us about evolution

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A Genetic Horror Story. How Frankenstein and 200 years of horror stories have haunted the biotechnology revolution

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Genes, Crime and Violence. The many faces of MAOA, the so-called ‘warrior gene’

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National Identity. The near-inconceivable depth of Aboriginal Australians’ connection to the land

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Meerkats. Zoo cutie not quite as cute as we think

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What are the Implications? Dunedin Study's genetic research crucial for action on social inequalities

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“Gene Editing” Cutting-edge technology